Robinho spends first month in prison

DISGRACED footballer Robinho has spent his first month in jail sharing a tiny 8m squared cell with murderers and fellow rapists.

The ex-Man City millionaire was taken from his seafront luxury home in Santos to a hellish Brazilian prison where he plays ball with inmates who make toilet cleaner.

Robinho spent the first 10 days of his nine years in prison in full isolation as part of a standard adaptation period.

The Brazilian, who has an estimated £60million net worth, was then transferred to a tiny 8m squared cell, which he shares with another inmate, CNN reports.

Used to living in a lavish mansion in Manchester back in his glory days, the mini concrete block is what Robinho will now call home for the better part of a decade.

The cell is said to have only one single bed, a small sink and a toilet built into the floor.

And a barred up window will provide just a glimpse of the outside world.

Here Robinho is set to be under observation by guards and made to do tests by doctors, psychologists and social workers.

While in the cell all activities are isolated and he will be given four meals each day – the first being at 6am and the last at 5.30pm.

But the convicted rapist has now been allowed to participate in physical activities with other prisoners, having already taken part in a football match.

All 430 inmates inside the hellhole jail are made to wear matching outfits of a white t-shirt and khaki pants – a far cry from Robinho’s typical football kit.

According to CNN, the former AC Milan player was even gifted a boot by fellow prisoners as he waits to get a job at the penitentiary unit.

He will be expected to work during his time behind bars potentially making school desks and chairs or even toilet disinfectant tablets – something the P2 jail is known for.

Inmates can also take acting lessons and participate in workshops on reading, literacy, and origami.

Brazil’s prisons have earned the nickname “hell on earth” and for good reason as captives have been found decapitated after horrific attacks, with drug warlords calling the shots.

The country’s jails have infamously bad living conditions, with overcrowding, violence, severe punishments, and gang battles among the many issues the underfunded facilities face.

Harrowing photographs show hundreds of inmates jammed into a single cell, laying head-to-toe across the floor. —SuperSport

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