Nokutenda Rusero

THIS is the rogue teacher who had the audacity of breaking the law and writing examinations for his two students.

His name is Bruce Mugaduwi and is a 32-year-old teacher.

The incident happened at Commercial College in Mutare.

He was convicted on two counts of unlawfully writing Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) examinations on behalf of two students.

The State proved that on October 16, last year, Shellington Brown and Mirriam Maposa, sat for a ZIMSEC Mathematics examination at Commercial College in Mutare.

Both candidates had made prior arrangements with the teacher that he would write the examination on their behalf.

Pursuant to their plan, the candidates sat for the examination and upon submission of the examination papers,  Mugaduwi smuggled the papers, which he had written on behalf of the duo, onto the batch of those which would be forwarded to the those who mark these papers.

The papers, which the two students had submitted, were destroyed.

In January this year, when the results were released ZIMSEC withheld results for both candidates, Shellington and Mirriam.

Investigations were conducted ,leading to the arrest of Mugaduwi last Friday.

The rogue teacher received US$380 from Shellington and US$300 from Mirriam for the service.

He was fined US$150.

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