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THE Roman Catholic church in Braeside and Arcadia community has taken the anti-drug fight a notch higher after visiting suspected drug bases in a fight to end the scourge.

The church recently partnered with ZB Financial Holdings in holding a march from Braeside Spar to St Martin’s Convent Primary School to raise awareness about drug and substance abuse.

Various stakeholders, including the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s Victim Friendly Unit and the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, took part at the event.

“The church cannot stand and watch anymore as our young people get drowned in drugs and substance abuse and, as the church, we are taking centre stage to fight the drug lords and we urge all addicts to quit.

“We are witnessing the deadly effects in our communities as some of our children are now being involved in criminal activities and it is affecting us as the body of Christ,” said Braeside Catholic Church parish council Caroline Maumbe.

ZBFH agency banking manager, Emilia Mabika, said they have committed themselves to fight drug and substance abuse.

“We are happy to partner the Roman Catholic Church to fight the war against drugs and educate every community member about the dangers and proffer solutions to addicts.

“As an organisation, we are not just focused on doing business but also use our influence to offer help to every young person affected by the drug problem and encouraging them to promote their health and wellness,” said Mabika.

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