WARRIORS cheer leader Chris ‘Romario’ Musekiwa says he feels even younger and blessed as he marks his 51st birthday.

He celebrated with family and friends at home in Chitungwiza.

Romario is the first born in a family of five boys and one girl.

“Life is precious than whatever we might achieve and that is why I decided to be with my family to celebrate it,” said Romario.

“God blessed me with three children and today I stand tall to thank my beloved wife Priscilla for giving me these children and according me the dignity to be counted among smart men.

“I failed to be a football player but God remembered me through my son who is a talented football player.

“I am investing in him for the passion I failed to follow due to my height.

“Bhora ndaitamba uye ndichirida asi nyaya yekupfupika yakaita kuti ndisatambe bhora ndokutanga kukurudzira vanotamba kusvika nanhasi.”

He added:

“I would run to inform community about soccer results and ended up putting it on paper and placed the stickers on walls.

“My father used to take me to watch Dynamos and that is how I started to like the team.

“I managed to raise my children, took them to school and today I am proud that one of them tied the knot with her husband.

“Ndatovewo nemuzukuru ava vamwe vaviri vanogona zvinonwisa mvura kuzvikoro kwavari.

“I also managed to build my house and I feel blessed to be under my roof.”

The Dynamos Harare Chapter supporters handed Romario some cash and a Manchester United team jersey.

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