JOHANNESBURG. – When it comes to “that time of the month,” many women find themselves writhing over in pain, unable to complete menial tasks like taking a shower or even lifting our heads from the pillow.

It’s a relatable reality that binds us in the sisterhood of menstrual pains.

So, when sanitary products brand Always released their newest pad range accompanied by a TikTok video of women dancing as if they’re in a break dance competition while wearing leotards, Mzansi was not having it.

The video opened with the jingle, “We don’t let anything get under our skin. We’re always feeling like No.1,” while promoting their new skin hygiene pad.

When author Candic Chirwa shared the video on X and asked her followers for their thoughts on it, many were underwhelmed and far from impressed.

Chirwa, who has been advocating for years to end period poverty, accompanied her post with a thinking face emoji.

X, formerly Twitter user @AkieMorgan, responded with her hot take:

“I have an issue with these ads always showing menstruators with so much energy and ready to take on the world. When in reality some experience extreme fatigue, low energy and unbearable cramps.”

Basically, she was just saying what every woman was thinking, and Chirwa agreed with her, saying that it’s time to shift the narrative surrounding what women have to contend with every month.

“People are arguing that it’s depicting the lived realities of dancers/athletes which I think is fair but we are always seeing this high energy in majority of these adverts, so it’s time to shift the narrative and depict the common symptoms we experience. I agree with you,” added Chirwa.

But, not all sanitary pad ads are made equal.

When UK brand Bodyform released their ad showing how the uterus reacts when menstruation happens, it was lauded for its uncensored aesthetic. – IOL.

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