Row over roadrunner chicken lands neighbours in court

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Row over roadrunner chicken lands neighbours in court


Clotilder Mwanza

A DOMBOSHAVA woman took her neighbour to court accusing him of stealing her “roadrunner” chicken.

Maria Mutimbanyoka said her relations with her neighbour, Brain Changara, has been strained for a while.

Mutimbanyoka applied for a peace order against Changara, citing verbal and emotional abuse.

Magistrate Judith Taruvinga granted Mutimbanyoka’s application and ordered Changara not to steal from his neighbour or harass her. Mutimbanyoka said: “He stole my black roadrunner chicken. 

“I asked him if he had seen my road runner and he said no. But what shocked me is that there was a roadrunner croaking inside their house.

“Changara’s wife refused to let me see what was croaking in their house, but as far as I know, they don’t keep any chickens.

“I then saw black chicken feathers in their bin last week, and knew it was my roadrunner. Now they have a tendency of insulting me with obscenities, and vakamborova kamwana kangu kadiki pamberi pangu.”

In response, Changara disputed the allegations.

“Your Worship, I have never insulted my neighbour, she is lying. She accused me of stealing her roadrunner chicken, but I am not the one. 

“Handitambure pakusvika kudya zvekuba ini.

“She is the one who always comes to my garden stealing my vegetables achituma tuvana twake kuti tundibire mumunda mangu.

“We were once in good books, but I realised she is not a good person in life. 

“I cannot associate with her anymore,” said Changara.

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