Quinton Rusero

A MAN has told the Harare Civil Court that his estranged lover infected her with an STI and he now feels excruciating pain every time he goes to the toilet to urinate.

However, Joana Mashonganyika produced a clinic test card which showed that she had tested negative to STIs.

She claims her former boyfriend Shingai Musadziwanza was violent and always threatens to stab her and repeatedly abuses her.

Joana applied for and was granted a protection order.

The court heard that the two were in a relationship for eight months, but they had an altercation and decided to go their separate ways.

Joana said:

“He comes to my workplace and throws empty bottles at me when I am working.

“When he starts his violence, no one can stop him and I can even close the bar before time, he claims he trained karate and no one can stop him from beating me anytime.

“I got tested yesterday and I am not the one who affected him with a sexually-transmitted infection.”

The magistrate granted Joana a protection order which is valid for five years.

Shingai said:

“I am objecting to her application, after we ended our relationship Joana messaged me asking if we could settle our matter differences.

“When we got back together we had sex. The following day I called her telling her I was having pain in urinating and stomach pains. After three days I told her that I was not well and we had to go together to be tested and get treatment, but she refused. I am still not feeling well.”

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