IN the last three years, H-Metro has carried a series of articles chronicling a fight between two sisters-in-law over a farm in Marondera.

The fight pits Martha Chiedza Gwashure and her sister-in-law, Rumbidzai Samantha Matemachani.

The farm was left by Martha’s late father, Isidore MacDonald Gwashure.

Rumbidzai was married to Martha’s brother, Manatsa Gwashure, and they were staying at the farm when Manatsa died in 2019.

The couple had invested in improvements at the farm before Manatsa’s sudden death in an accident.

H-Metro has since noted that its coverage on the dispute has largely been influenced by one of the parties in the dispute and this has left Rumbidzai being portrayed as a monster in this fallout.

While attempts were made to reach out to Rumbidzai, and she refused to give her side of the story, we have since noted that it didn’t give us the right to portray her, through our coverage, as the bad person.

In retrospect, we have noted that part of our coverage of the dispute didn’t tick all the boxes, which we demand, in terms of providing a fair and accurate coverage of the events.

It doesn’t matter that some of the information, which we based our coverage on, was coming from the police because, upon being tested in our review, we should have done more to give Rumbidzai and her family a fair deal in our coverage.

It has come to our attention that Rumbidzai did not steal any cow, despite the police confirming the story, but was just taking what belonged to her.

Our review has also found out that Rumbidzai’s father, Colonel Matemachani, whose name was dragged into one of our stories published in 2021, has only been trying to provide a solution to the dispute.

Against that background, we unreservedly apologise to Colonel Matemachani and Rumbidzai for the damage inflicted by the publication of our articles.

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