RUNAWAY KILLER COUPLE ARRESTED IN SOUTH AFRICA . . . Duo suspected of murdering four-year-old girl . . . Her body stashed in a sack, thrown into a river

Latwell Nyangu

 A ZIMBABWEAN couple, who skipped the border recently after allegedly murdering a four-year-old girl, has been arrested in South Africa.

John Zvivi and Lister Sibanda were on the run for allegedly killing the daughter of Lister’s sister.

Her body was stashed in a sack and thrown into a river.

Businessman, Moreboys Munetsi, effected a citizen’s arrest with the help of a mob.

“I am the one who arrested them and they are in police custody waiting to be taken back home to face justice.

“I effected the arrest with the help of other residents and took them to the police.

“I got the information on their whereabouts from some informants and trapped them,” Munetsi said.

John and Lister are alleged to have fatally assaulted the girl at Zvivi homestead, Vantage Area Zvimba, and stashed her body in a sack and dumped it in a river last month.

They fled the country immediately after allegedly committing the murder.

In a video recorded by Munetsi, John said:

Mwana akarohwa nezvishiri and we had gone kumasowe but she was still talking.

“She was attacked by goblins. 

“My wife called to tell me that the child had been attacked.

“The next morning, we went to see Madzibaba who said the child had been attacked. 

“The next day anga akufemera mudenga makuseni.

“Due to fear, we called the girl’s mother and informed her that her daughter had been attacked and died the following day taenda kumasowe.”

Lister added:

“We then stashed the body in a sack and threw it into a river and went home.

“I was pained because mwana mudiki, and we tried to explain what happened to my sister, but she didn’t want to hear from me.”

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