Rupiah Banda hails Magaya

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Rupiah Banda hails Magaya


8 January 2018

FORMER Zambian President Rupiah Banda has hailed Prophet Walter Magaya and his ministry for meeting people’s needs.

Former President Banda said this when he attended the Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries church service in Waterfalls where he urged African countries to complement each other.

“I have never seen such power and I want to believe God will not forsake Prophet Magaya for taking his time to heal the sick and giving his ear to the needy,” said former President Banda.

“The overwhelming thing is that it is being done by an African and I wish if African countries complement each other and stop the spirit of pulling each other down.

“I visited PHD factory and saw amazing things, Prayer Mountain and witnessed wonders of God, Prophet Magaya’s house in Chitungwiza and saw where he started.

“To be honest with you my life was more miserable that Prophet Magaya’s beginning was better than where I started.

“The work done at Yadah Hotel is awesome and the support Prophet Magaya receives from PHD members is commended and shows maturity and order that I wish you more grace and urge Prophet Magaya to soldier on in times of trials and tribulations,” said the former president.

He toured PHD properties accompanied by Zambian acting ambassador, PHD ministry workers and Yadah Connect officials.

People suffering from various diseases were brought to Prophet Magaya and he took his time praying for the sick and casting out demons and drew the attention of former President Banda who joined the queue to give his love offering at the pulpit.

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