Ruvheneko: Most influential journo

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Ruvheneko: Most influential journo Ruvheneko and H.E ED Mnangagwa



20 December 2017

Ruvheneko and H.E ED Mnangagwa

PROMINENT media personality, Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa feels honoured to be among the most influential youths in the country, at least according to Tenth Estate (Africa) magazine.

Ruvheneko was ranked second on the 2017 most Influential Under-40 Zimbabweans’ list compiled by the UK-based business magazine and ranges from church, arts, media, showbiz and politics.

On Monday night, Ruvheneko was the master of ceremonies at the 6th Annual Buy Zimbabwe Awards where President Emmerson Mnangagwa was the guest of honour.

Speaking to H-Metro, Ruvheneko said she is celebrating being part of the list which ranks her behind Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries founder, Prophet Walter Magaya.

“I am truly humbled. While some people’s reaction is, “Oh please, this list isn’t authentic or valid. Who decided on this list nhai? What criteria did they use?” – while they criticise, I always say to myself that I am still honoured because even if it’s one person who thinks that of me or one system that did its due processes that found me there, it is still that one person or that group’s opinion of me and I don’t take that lightly. It means somewhere, somehow, my work is appreciated. There are some genuinely inspirational brands on that list and I’m celebrating all of us in our diversity.”

Asked which areas she believes she was influential, Ruvheneko said:

“This year, in particular, I would attribute any influence to the work I’ve done online. The year began with the launch of my online show that saw Stunner, Olinda, Lameck, Cde Chinotimba, Dr Nkosana Moyo, Dr Joice Mujuru, Advocate Nelson Chamisa and many others. The show is now in the first ever ZIMBABWE ELECTION DEBATES series the country has ever seen. I found a way around mainstream media barriers.

“This year has seen the rise of many online platforms that have made the digital era so alive in Zimbabwe. It’s exciting to be part of this wave of influencers. I don’t doubt that our generation will go down in history. So it’s not me in isolation that’s been an influencer, it’s all of us combined who have  placed data high up there as one of the most sought after commodities.”

On whether she believes she has been influential enough, Ruvheneko feels there is more to be done.

“Not nearly!

“The greater Zimbabwean Population doesn’t know of the work we are doing because they can’t access it. ”Internet for all” is something I hope to see come to fruition as a stated objective of the Ministry of ICT, together with POTRAZ and other stakeholders. Accessibility is a barrier between “us” and “them” yet the same Constitution gives us the same rights such as the right to information. This also means we will be getting creative this coming year to reach out to remote areas and indeed be more influential, particularly during this election season.”

Ruvheneko says she has never highlighted or focused on how it has been being a female media personality.

“Being a female media personally has never been something I highlight. What I am reminded if daily is not that I’m a woman but that I’m my father’s child. Ndo pane nyaya.”

Having featured on these lists for years now, Ruvheneko is still not decided on whether she can venture into politics.

“Lol. Time will tell.”

The List

Dr. Walter Magaya- Businessman and Clergyman

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa- Media Personality

Hon. Nelson Chamisa- Politician

Promise Mkwananzi- Leader of Tajamuka

Jah Prayzah- Musician

Matthew Mutavayi- JCI Global Vice President

Njabulo Moyo- Author, speaker, Coach

Beverly Angel- Businesswoman and Church Leader

Acie Lumumba- Political Activist

Mgcini Moyo- Station Manager (Breeze FM)

Knowledge Musona- Warriors Player

Napoleon Nyanhi- Station Manager (Capitalk 100.4 FM)

Mothusi Bashimane Ndlovu- Musician

Happymore Chidziva- Politician

Grace Chirenje – Development Practitioner

Fortune Mlalazi- Mandela Washington Fellowship Co-ordinator

Edd Branson- Businessman and Clergyman

Gilmore T. Moyo -Fashion Guru, Media Personality and Host

Rodrick Fayayo- Development Practitioner

Maureen Kademaunga- Political Activist


Discent Bajila- Politician


Takunda Chingonzoh- Founder of Tech Village


Patson Dzamara- Activist


Nkosana Mazibisa- Businessman


Fadzai Mahere- Lawyer and Activist


Wicknell chivhayo- Businessman


Nyasha Mtamangira- Media Personality


Genius Kadungure- Businessman


Mqondisi Moyo – Mthwakazi President and secessionist


Charles Ibrahim- Clergyman


Mbo Mahocs- Media Personality and Socialite


Jeremiah Mutongi Bamu- Lawyer


Sibusiso Ndlovu- Gender Activist


Khama Billiat- Warriors Player


Ammara Brown- Musician


Michael Ndiweni- Social Activist


Jabulani Hadebe- 413 Squadron Commander


Richard Mahomva- Team Leader: Leaders for Africa Network


Babongile Sikhonjwa- Media Personality


Leyo Nyoni- Zimbabwe Youth Council Leader

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