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26 January 2017



EVER since hip hop star Vinnie King released a song for popular media personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, Zimbabweans have been eager to hear what the imposing Ruvhi has to say about the track.

The wait is finally over as Ruvhi yesterday finally decided to say something and settled for H-Metro as the FIRST publication to carry her views on the song and related issues.

QUESTION: Did you see this coming?

ANSWER: I met Vinnie once and have still only met him once, but when we did meet he said to me he was going to write a song about me. I didn’t think he was serious so no, I didn’t see it coming but my eyes were wide open!



Q: Hip hop artistes are not known for being nice, Vinnie even consulted you

A: Lol this is true! Hip Hop and Dancehall artists are indeed very cheeky so it’s certainly refreshing to hear this kind of message from a Hip Hop artist. Not sure if it might have something to do with the fact that it’s a house track – which is out of the ordinary for him.
Q: Do the lyrics relate to Ruvheneko the person?

A: They do. I’m yet to get a full breakdown of the lyrics from him, but from what I can make out, he speaks of my work when he refers to me as Ambitious and the Iron Lady. What I appreciate is that he doesn’t spend too much time on anything shallow and physical; it’s more about what the personality “Ruvheneko” is. I like that. There are other lyrics in there, however, that I’d rather not comment on! Lol
Q: How many times have you played the song in your car?

A: Lol, I’ve played it on my speakers at home which are much more powerful than anything in my car. I needed to hear it a couple of times to understand the lyrics but the first time I heard the beat – it was love at first sound! Kakaipa hako ka house step aka.
Q: You are often in public places, how do you handle men who have a crush on you? (a) face to face situations and (b) via new media

A: I’m a Lady.
Q: What music are you into?

A: Absolutely everything and anything. I literally have a music collection for a radio station. I’m a mood listener so I listen to whatever my mood & should demand at the time. “It’s half a life without music!”
Q: If he were to shoot a video for the song, would you participate?

A: Ruvheneko in a music video! I’m not sure how that sounds looks or feels. We will see.
Q: Professionally you have won hearts of many in such a short space of time, what is the secret?

A: Wow, thank you for that. I really don’t know but I can credit my former company for the platform they gave me to discover myself and find those hearts. I also believe in building a relationship with people so now, I’ve let down so many listeners who had a date with me every time I was on radio or TV. I miss that. I miss THEM. But I will be back and hopefully with more than before!
Q: Would you handle a Ruvheneko song in dancehall or sungura?

A: I can handle anything! Ndookuti “Ruvheneko” ka.

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