Ruwa residents demand own fire brigade

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Ruwa residents demand own fire brigade Ruwa residents feel own fire brigade would be more efficient


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter
Residents of Ruwa are pleading for a reliable Fire Brigade service in the area following an inferno which razed down Ram Petroleum on Saturday morning.

Damaged hardware

Reports are that the fuel tanker which was offloading 20 000 litres of petrol caught fire before destroying the service station.
Many versions started doing rounds on social media following the fire.

Eye witness said, there was no smoking as alluded.

“From what I saw the fire started on the tanker while it was offloading.


Up in flames…Ram petroleum

“The driver was busy with the papers, a sign that he had done his job of delivering.
“So we just saw the fire and everyone was speechless,” said the witness.
Another witness said, the truck had a spark.

“Nyaya iripo apa ndeyekuti, the truck produced a spark sound which was followed by the fire which took long to douse.
“Nyaya dzefodya dziri kutaurwa inhema.”

However, many were concerned about the way the fire brigade team reacted to the fire.

“Yes the fire affected everyone but we need our own fire brigade which can react in time to extinguish these fires.
“Why should we wait for a fire brigade from Greendale to come and save lives here?

“Imagine it was that disastrous, worse vanhu vacho vanouya havo vasina mvura,” said another resident.
Added another resident:

“These fire brigade trucks are just not helping anything, they came here without water, and they had to drain from our small tank here.

“The first truck had some challenges, kutadza kutodrainer mvura yacho.

“Recently we had fires in this town, so why can’t we have our fire brigade?

“Ruwa is no longer that small, we have expanded and we need functioning fire brigade here,’ he said.
The fire also damaged a car belonging to a customer who escaped unhurt.

“The owner of the CRV had gone to the service station to get fuel but when the fire started, he failed to drive his car.
“He left it and ran for dear life,” said a witness.

Another victim of the fire is one Joyce an owner of a hardware at the premises.

“She lost everything and anga akatonohodha last week, she is in pain because the loss is hard to accept,” added another witness.

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