SA based artist tackles women challenges in new album

Maria Chiguvari 

MUSICIAN Shantel Mwana WeZimbabwe has released an album titled “Takazvizama”, which tackles the ill-treatment of women. 

The album includes eight songs and was co-produced, with five tracks by Dr Tawanda and three by Makumbe Productions. 

It will be launched at Madiben Brits Hall, North West Province in South Africa tomorrow, and 

will feature artists from Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

Shantel Mwana WeZimbabwe said she was inspired by South African singer Makhadzi and Botswana’s Slizer, while Dr Kennedy Kutira, who worked on the project, stated that the album was “loaded with messages of hope and solutions to a moral community”. 

To promote the album, talks are underway with different radio stations across Africa and some international promoters.

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