SA-based artiste homeward bound

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SA-based artiste homeward bound Douglas Mhindirira


Latwell Nyangu, H-Metro Reporter

South Africa based sungura musician, Douglas Mhindirira, is contemplating coming back home to establish himself musically citing a plethora of challenges beyond the borders.

The singer, who ventured into music in 2006, believes there is more support base at home than in a foreign country.

Douglas Mhindirira

Douglas, who leads a seven-member troupe Orchestra Huruyadzo, has since dropped a new album Masvomu Haadi Kufembera which addresses social and economic challenges people face.


“Doing music in a foreign country is difficult, it’s not easy to get established.


“I am thinking of coming back home to establish myself there musically.


“It’s not easy to hold shows here and be appreciated, so I feel my music will be accepted well back home.


“This is also part of an end of year package for my fans.


“I will also be releasing the videos soonest,” he said.


Douglas said he got his inspiration from Alick Macheso and Zhakata.


“I was inspired by Zhakata and Macheso whom I grew up looking up to.


“Their lyrics are inspiring and I even approached Macheso in 2006 where he advised me to approach Diamond Studios.


“I also asked him on how to run a musical band,” said Douglas.


“My journey started in 2005 when I was at school before joining a group called Ozama Power as a backing vocalist after finishing my ordinary level.


“In 2008 I then joined Innocent Mijintu’s group as a vocalist as well.


“From 2010 I began my own journey where I was auditioned by Diamond Studios and I impressed before recording my first album in 2012, Hazvina Zera neni.


“Due to financial constraints I went to South Africa before recording my new seven track album Masvomu haadi kufembera.


“On the album I also engaged Herbert Majeke on the guitars and he has been very instrumental,” he said.


Some of the songs on album include Mai Abie, Mimmy, Ini Saamai, Hazvirevi, Kugona mbavha, Zvaaba Museyamwa, Hazvirevi and Manenji Muchakari.

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