SA promoter passes turns to Calaz

11 Mar, 2021 - 12:03 0 Views
SA promoter passes turns to Calaz


Nyasha Kada, Entertainment Reporter


South Africa-based show promoter Edson “Boss Eddie” Mashayamombe says he has passed the late Soul Jah Love’s baton to his music rival, Seh Calaz.

Chibaba, as the late liberation hero and music genius was fondly known, had become a major drawcard at Boss Eddie’s themed birthday celebrations in Pretoria for the last three consecutive years.


Boss Eddie and Jah Love’s relationship did not start off rosy as Jah Love had failed to turn up for a show that ended in the venue being vandalised.


The late chanter then compensated for the show at Boss Eddies’ birthday which then became a yearly routine to entertain fans at the slot and the beginning of a healthy relationship with the artsprenuer.


“I am still deeply hurt with the passing of Jah Love, i cant believe he is gone.


” He had become family, our relationship started on the rough side but we fixed things and ended up getting along very well.


“Jah Love was loved very much in Pretoria and his music will live with us forever.


“I have decided to give his button stick to Seh Calaz, he will be the one now entertaining at my birthdays.


“Jah Love and Seh Calaz were music rivals but in life were friends and thats why i feel Seh Calaz is the right person to carry on from Jah Love,” said Boss Eddie.


He added:


“I am yet to speak to Seh Calaz’s management but the decision is he will now be the headline act at my birthday celebrations.”

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