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POPULAR comedian David “Sabhuku Vharazipi” Mubaiwa’s has sent his condolence message to the late Maruta Headman Spear Maruta in Hwedza District.

Headman Maruta died on November 23 aged 101, triggering an avalanche of condolence messages in his honour.

Not to be outdone is the Mashava-based entertainer who has been using the term Sabhuku Vharazipi as his moniker.

The late Headman Maruta

“I say we have lost a great and tolerant village head. This death pains us because he was an adviser, unifier, father and a wisdom calabash,” he said.

Vharazipi urged people to celebrate the life of Headman Maruta rather than shedding tears.

“Maruta people and Zimbabweans at large must mourn with hope because of his age of 101.

“We were taught to differentiate between right and wrong. Our great village head’s journey is clear since he loved peace,” said Vharazipi.

Vharazipi urged people to preserve their culture as was advocated for by the late Headman Maruta.

“We should safeguard our inheritance and protect it.

“Mwari vakatiropafadza necheziya, meaning we are surviving on sweat, we shall keep on working hard,” he said.

Sabhuku Vharazipi who is not related to Headman Maruta said he decided to salute the departed traditional leader as a way of appreciating elders.

In another interview, Headman Maruta’s Munyaradzi “Mambo Charamukwa 2” Maruta was devastated.

Munyaradzi Maruta

It is with a deep sorrow that we announce to the Soko Mukanya totem of, Hwedza, Mashonaland East and Zimbabwe, that your Sabhuku Mapfumo “My “My father died at the age of 101 years at his homestead in Maruta Village.

“He will be buried on Thursday (today) here in Maruta Village, 5kms from Hwedza Growth Point along Hwedza-Zaire or Goto highway.

“He was a responsible family man who united people,” he added.

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