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GREETING fun loving readers,

It’s an honour after being given an opportunity to express myself in H-Metro newspaper.

This (Zim Dancehall) genre’s growth would mean nothing without mentioning this tabloid, which helped many of us.

As such, I have a lot to share about Zim dancehall ranging from sabotage, challenges to its politics and how I have managed to conquer.


My name is Takura Chioniso even though fans know me by the moniker Blot aka Grenade.

I was born at Kwekwe General Hospital on the 28th of July in 1997.

I am the only child in my family and both parents Tendai Chioniso and mother Chiedza Chanetsa are still alive.

I did my primary education at Kwekwe Primary and Mvurwi Primary in Mashonaland Central.

I did my secondary education at Mvurwi High school.


I was raised by my grandmother and grandfather in Mvurwi.

Life was tough for me after being raised by my grandparents who had difficulties mobisiling resources for me to further pursue my education.

It was the same challenges that I faced which prompted me to venture into music.

Music was the only painkiller I had since I faced many challenges as my parents stayed in separate towns, which left my grandmother taking all the responsibilities.

It was just hard staying without both parents but I am now somewhere.


My calling for music started at a young age in church.

I would sing in church as a member of Johane Masowe where I was also taught to be the strong man I am today.

I recorded my song entitled Pamangoma in Mvurwi at Talkat Studio.

I then moved to Chillspot Records where I recorded the hit song Ndiri Badd on the Stage Riddim.

Some of the songs that I went on to record include the popular tracks such as Rufu, Ndakusetter Pace and collaboration with Bounty Lisa called Chingungundengu.

I have other singles like Dzave Ngoma, Hoiyerere, Ndege, Ngazviende among others.


Locally, I am inspired by Soul Jah Love and Winky D.

I also have respect for artistes who entered the music industry before namely Killer T, Calaz, and Freeman among others.

I don’t usually write songs what I do is just concentrate on my music.


I owe my success to the ghetto of Mbare where I command a huge following.

I still stay and spend much of my time in Mbare despite all the fame I achieved.

Unlike most chanters who are now shunning the ghetto, I will remain indebted to Mbare.


Marketing, distribution and piracy are some of the challenges we are facing.

There are some music promoters who are fleecing us.

We also need promoters more than they need us while shortage of quality studios is also ruining us.


Over the years I have been in the game, I have also faced sabotage by some producers who do not give us a chances to express ourselves in the studio.

There are also some producers who are sitting on our music.

Producers are fuelling hatred among artistes as they prefer to deal with certain artistes.


I once recorded my music at Chillspot from 2015 to early 2017.

I only left them after realising that they had weaned me off.

We managed to grow in the industry owing to the opportunities they gave me in my formative years and we also wish to work with them in the near future if they have any new projects if they engage me.

After leaving me they went on to nurture other ghetto yutes who are talented.

However, they closed my social network pages and links and they created a lot of falsehoods against me even though I don’t have issues with them.

I think I still have a lot I owe Chillspot because that’s where I came from.


I won two Zim Dancehall awards gongs for the Best Youngster Artiste and Best Message in 2017.

I am a full time musician and I can afford to look after my family.

I have also managed to gain fame as well as gaining respect and protection from fans.


Like any other artiste, I have shows that will always remain etched in mind.

These include my first UK tour in 2017 when we performed in Manchester and Luton.

The UK shows were well-attended and enjoyed the tour.

I held another at City Sports Centre last year, Stodart Complex as well as participating at the 2019 Madirirano held in Highfield on Easter Saturday.

I can safely brag that I gave a good account of myself at the Madirirano Show where fans were left clamouring for more.

We had to come back on stage by public demand after proving to them that I was not yet finished as wildly speculated.


To ensure that I reposition myself, I working on a Singles Collection with Cymplex Studios in Waterfalls.

I have also featured on their new riddim due to be dropped anytime soon.


To ensure that I achieve some of my goals, I have also roped in new management comprising Tinashe Taka.

I can’t complete since my management is pushing my work beyond my expectations.

With the new management, we have plenty coming and my task now is to simply sing.

I have tasked my management to engage Winky D’s handlers for a collaboration.

I’m more than willing to work with seasoned artistes like Winky D.


I’m happily married to Yolline Kamwenje and we are blessed with a son.

My wife is also supportive and I have also taken her to some of the family shows where I have performed.


Like I said earlier on, I spent much of my time doing music.

I spend much time in the studio recording good music for my old and new fans.


On a parting note, I would like to thank H-Metro for giving me this space to share my story.

I also want to thank my management, producers, media, promoters and of course my fans and family for their support.

Lastly I would like to thank God for the talent he gave me.

Thank You!

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