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IT’S now time for youthful musician, Saintfloew, to meet his fans and he is in good shape after undergoing rehabilitation, his handlers say.

The chanter, who has been fighting drug and substance abuse at a South African specialist health facility, will launch his debut album titled Rise & Lead at Alex Sports Club on Saturday.

However, the attention will be on his successful rehabilitation, which his handlers say is likely to inspire other chanters to choose the same path.

Many youthful musicians are taking hard drugs and illicit substances to ease stress and boredom, the demon Saintfloew has been fighting over the past six weeks.

Nash Paints executive chairman, Tinashe Mutarisi, bankrolled the chanter’s rehabilitation.

Initially, said Mutarisi, it was hard to convince the Silas Mavende hit-maker to go for rehabilitation. Mutarisi, who has a soft spot for young musicians and role models, managed to convince the artiste to put his house in order.

“He was responding well to rehabilitation and we are now preparing for his album launch.

“After rehabilitation, the boy needs some privacy.

“We want him to be a role model to other youngsters. His move to go for rehabilitation shows that he is serious about fighting drug and substance abuse.”

Mutarisi says he will continue assisting the 26-year-old to get his career back on track.

Dobba Don

“I will always support him because of his talent. He has become part of our family and we can’t afford to dump him now.

“We will continue to monitor him so that he becomes a role model to other youngsters.”

He has been recording a lot of stuff with some songs having been recorded while he was in rehabilitation.

He roped in three producers Jamal, Neil T and Ghost Nation to assist him on this new album.

Freeman, Noluntu J and Master H will support him at the launch.

Meanwhile, Dobba Don has been fighting the same problem for months.

Social media blog, ZimCelebs, has pledged to assist him get rehabilitation.

Videos of Dobba Don taking drugs have been circulating on social media.

There were genuine fears he might have lost his mind judging by the leaked videos.

A pale shadow of his former self, Dobba Don has lost weight and genuinely needs help.

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