SAINTFLOEW COFFIN SCENE EXPLAINED. . . singer steps up anti-drug abuse campaign

Maria Chiguvari

SAINTFLOEW’s coffin scene at the launch of his debut album titled “Rise & Lead” at Alex Sports Club on Saturday was part of his anti-drug and substance abuse campaign.

His camp believes the message has been sent clearly in an artistic manner despite some questioning the move.

Saintfloew appeared on stage in the coffin surrounded by dancers clad in black robes.

The scene resembled a burial where the body was about to be lowered into the grave.

However, Saintfloew rises from the coffin and starts singing against drug and substance abuse.

A member of Saintfloew’s camp, who preferred anonymity, said the rapper was committed to fighting drug and substance abuse.

“The whole scene was artistic and we hope many people got the message out there,” says the source.

“We managed to send the ‘Say No To Drugs’ message in a unique way even though some did not see the artistic part of it.

“What we are aware of now is that people now know him and understand his commitment to fighting drug and substance abuse.”

The source, who is Saintfloew’s close associate, assured fans that the rapper would take his campaign countrywide.

“After artistically launching the campaign, we are going to take it countrywide so that we save the next generations.

“It will be nice for people to hear about this message coming from a drug and substance abuse survivor.

“He is now an ambassador and people should simply take his initiative seriously.”

Saintfloew’s move split opinions with some failing to see the artistic side of it.

Haters were quick to call him names.

However, his camp insisted it was artistic and part of their efforts to announce Saintfloew as their brand ambassador against drug abuse.

He spent six weeks in rehabilitation in South Africa where he returned home to a new man.

He has vowed to use his influence to change many people’s lives.

“I won’t let down the people who helped me to fight drugs,” said Saintfloew.

“It will be a huge disappointment if I got back to drugs.”

Several artists are fighting drug and substance abuse and addiction.

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