Trust Khosa

ZIM dancehall stalwart, Freeman, believes Saintfloew is now in good shape after rehabilitation.

The HKD boss says all Saintfloew needs from fans and promoters is genuine love.

This follows the rapper’s successful therapy against drug and substance abuse in South Africa.

Saintfloew will meet fans for the first time after the six-week rehabilitation tomorrow at Alex Sports Club where he is set to unveil his debut album titled Rise & Lead.

“My advice to him is to just stay focused and committed to the goals that he has set up for himself,” said Freeman.

“He knows what worked before and what didn’t work. 

“As long as he stays committed to the goals, he will be fine or even greater than before. To surround himself with good people is most important.”

He added:

“Firstly, congratulations to him on this great milestone (new album) and trust me, the project is well-prepared and full of surprises.

“I would just like him to know he is unstoppable and the sky is the limit for him.”

Freeman said he is a good friend of Saintfloew.

“I click with a lot of people easily, whether they are artists or not. It is all about positivity. If someone brings that energy to me, I just connect instantly. 

“Saintfloew is one of those people who is just full of life.

“As always, we promise fireworks. MaGyalis are always ready and this time it is going to be massive and large.

“We have a couple of surprises that I cannot disclose at this moment but yeah everyone who will turn up will be in for a treat.”

Nash Paints executive chairman, Tinashe Mutarisi, bankrolled the chanter’s rehabilitation.

Freeman, Madam Boss, Merciless Zimbabwe, Sylent Nqo, Noluntu J, Master H,  and DJ King Her will support him at the launch.

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