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YOUNG music star, Saintfloew is set to release his debut album, Rise and Lead, on October 7 at the Alex Sports Club. 

Saintfloew, who is currently in a rehabilitation facility in South Africa for drug and substance abuse, has been allowed to record outside the facility with the assistance of philanthropist Tinashe Mutarisi. 

The singer has promised to “give fans value for their money” and is hoping to become a role model and “game-changer”. 

Mutarisi has said that he will support Saintfloew even after his rehabilitation is completed. 

“I am currently in the studio with my father figure Tinashe Mutarisi. I am grateful to Mr Mutarisi for helping me in my battle against drug and substance abuse,” he said.

“I am now a changed man and I will do my best to assist others. I have learnt that there are some things I can change and some which I cannot.”

Mutarisi said Saintfloew was doing well in South Africa. 

“I will escort him back to the centre after our recording session,” said Mutarisi.

“Everything is now in place and I can only assure fans of a memorable event.

“The Divine Sounds owner has pledged to support our event. Instead of charging us US$20 000, we are going to pay half the amount. We want the show to be a game-changer,” he said.

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