‘Salvation is everywhere’

22 Dec, 2020 - 09:12 0 Views
‘Salvation is everywhere’ Apostle Robson Vhiyazhi Rupiya


Karen Mhlanga, H-Metro Reporter

A GLENDALE apostle has bemoaned people going to other countries seeking salvation.

Apostle Robson Vhiyazhi Rupiya from the Miracle Centre International Ministries said salvation that is found not only out of the country or in Harare but virtually everywhere.


The apostle, who is based in Glendale, said he has seen a lot of people travelling out of the country and big cities looking for salvation yet God is found every and all what mattered in believing in Him.


“One of our challenges is that we are not yet well known and people think that men of God are only found in other countries and in the cities but I want them to know He is everywhere.”


He said churches in small towns have in some cases remained small as people shun them as they believe in making use of money to receive salvation.


“Many think that if they use money and get near men of God then they get saved; that is not it.


“God loves people unconditionally whether with or without money,” said Apostle Vhiyazhi.

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