Sam Dondo gets UK sponsorship

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Sam Dondo gets UK sponsorship Hassan


2 October 2018

Sam Dondo

Afro-pop musician, Sam Dondo, has clinched a lucrative music sponsorship deal with Pamtengo Radio in Luton, United Kingdom.

The development came after he recently lost his sponsorship with Impala Car Rentals, who have been bankrolling him since he ventured onto the music scene.

Pamtengo Radio – arts, music and culture brand – has sponsored Sam’s collaboration with a Nigerian musician, London Spec and also record the song and video in the UK.

“After finishing recording my international collaboration with London Spec at SPEC Studios here in Luton, we are shooting its video today (Sunday), all expenses paid up by my new international corporate music sponsor, Pamtengo Radio of Mr Hassan.


“After having been helped by my brother, Mr Dondo up to this stage, life must be welcomed as it comes as everything comes and passes according to how and what God created you for.

“Don’t argue with life, just go outside and look up into the sky, all the map will be scripted in those clouds, imagine today I am identified and being lucratively sponsored by an overseas corporate for everything that I day and night need musically.

“All is fully paid for, I am living like a superstar here because imagine daily, they call me to find out what I want musically and socially, including mind refreshing programmes like visits, shopping plus many incentives to make my mind concentrate on my music business.

“I have a collaboration that I am going to do with a biggest South African artiste who came to Zimbabwe and packed the Glamis Arena, and one with a top American musician.

“I am coming to Zimbabwe with about five recorded collaborations, possibly with videos very soon, after two weeks, I will proceed to South Africa for that international collaboration, and then fly to Nigeria for the launch of this track with London Spec, a Nigerian based in UK.

“My album, Maturikwa, packed with my nine top musical secretes will be launched on 27 October alongside Dr Oliver Mtukudzi. A track ‘Chuku chuku’ with London Spec is telling your girl that you set my heart on fire that I now need the fire brigade, it is a love song in Niger way and to be included in this project.

“Pamtengo is already on the ground sealing my international collaboration deals with globally sold-out artist like De Banji, Oliver Twist hit maker, Casper Nyovest, Vee from Botswana and a South African Nathi of the hit Buleyekaya from Ringo’s band.

“It is time for people to see and speak as your Subway Crooners band rebrands, holding the bull by its horns, structuring my own investments as a fully sponsored, musician and businessman from my studio which shall be officially signing artistes according to their talents as writers, vocalist, or performers.

“My band is now multi cultured after I acquired more talented races here, and we thrilled during Dr Mapfumo and Jah Prayzah’s spiritual show here in UK recently.

“Lastly, I pray and wholeheartedly thank God who gave me you Impala Car Hire company, my family, friends and you my loyal fans for being with me until today, without you, I don’t know where I would be, however , be happy for God has handed us to again a passionately dedicate  Mr Hassin and Pamtengo Radio brand,” said Sam Dondo.


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