Samaita sponsors inmates band

07 May, 2020 - 12:05 0 Views
Samaita sponsors inmates band Mutare Prisons inmates with some of the donated goods


Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

SUNGURA artiste and transporter, Brian Samaita, recently brought smiles to inmates at Mutare Prisons when he donated groceries as part of his social responsibility.

The Eastern Igwe – as the singer is fondly known – said he was touched by the plight of inmates at the correctional facility who sometimes go for days on poor diet.

Brian Samaita

He said the tour, facilitated by Diamond FM presenter Mitchel Bwititi, was also an eye-opener to him when it comes to supporting artistic talent behind bars.

“I’m still on lockdown here in Mutare but my heart bleeds for those who are behind bars during these trying times as they are yearning for a proper diet.

“I have realised that as prominent artistes with the means, we can still play our part and help our loved ones.

“I therefore decided to handover some groceries but I didn’t want to make it a public issue since I prefer to be on the background.

“Diamond FM presenter Mitchel Bwititi is the one who helped us to reach out to the inmates  and the programme went according to plan,” he said.

Samaita urged people to show each other love during such trying times since others are going for day on empty tummies.

“After the prison tour, I realised that there is need to spare a meal for our brothers and sisters behind bars.

“Of course, they were caged for various offences to be rehabilitated but there is need for a good diet and this is the responsibility of everybody to help them,” he said.

On the music side, Samaita has pledged to bankroll an inmates’ studio time he identified at the correctional facility.

“We are just waiting for the lockdown to be lifted  and I have since engaged Bothwell Nyamhondera to record them.

“There is a lot of talent behind bars and we only need to support our brothers with financial support they require.

“Empowering them will also help them to forget their sorrows and integrate them with society,” he said.

Meanwhile, Samaita who normally hold regional tours said his band members are safe and sound on Pretoria, South Africa.

“My group members stay at a rented house in South Africa where everything is catered for.

“I have insured them and all their needs are being catered for and we will only resume shows once the situation is viable for that to do so.

“I’m always in touch with them and they are safe and sound.

“In my case, I’m always indoors whether there is a lockdown or not, especially when I am not at work.”

Samaita urged fellow artistes to utilise the period by penning new songs as we as taking stock of their achievements.

He also said lockdown was time for self-introspection by artistes since it affords them an opportunity to correct their mistakes.

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