Same Auld story

GLASGOW. Jude Bellingham had netted England’s second goal in three minutes, he stood in front of the gleeful travelling supporters with his arms outstretched. 

This newly-trademarked celebration, which the Brummie Galactico has been using since his arrival at Real Madrid served as a delicious slap-down to a Scotland side who’d been threatening to get above their station. 

Sit down, shut up, get back in your box, Bellingham seemed to be saying, as he posed like Christ the Redeemer gazing down over Rio.

And the noisy neighbours were silenced.  

There is just the correct degree of arrogance about Bellingham, who led a swaggering England performance in a 3-1 friendly win against a Scotland side with a 100 per cent qualifying record in the Euros.

Harry Maguire had given Scotland renewed hope – first by arriving at the interval, then by netting an own-goal to the delight of the home supporters who baited him ceaselessly.  – The Sun

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