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Talent Gore, H-Metro Reporter
Confederation of Zimbabwe Retailers president Denford Mutashu has described sanctions as a declaration of war against Zimbabwean citizens and businesses.
This comes two weeks before Zimbabwe is joined by the rest of the world in calling for the removal of sanctions on October 25 on the SADC Anti-Sanctions Day whose theme is “Zimbabwe: Friend to All, Enemy to None: Forging ahead and Enhancing Innovation and Productivity in Adversity of Sanctions.”

Denford Mutashu

The US government has maintained a sanctions regime against Zimbabwe since 2001 as a direct response to the country’s fast track land reform programme meant to correct colonial land ownership imbalances.

Mutashu said sanctions were not only affecting the country’s growth but everyday lives.

“These economic sanctions are affecting our everyday lives,” he said.

“Some people might say these sanctions are targeted at certain individuals but this is just a term the West is abusing.

“We are under sanctions because of our land which we repossessed in 2000 and the subject of our land is the one which is giving us this problem.”

He described sanctions as illegal and unjustified.

“Sanctions are a direct act of declaration of war against Zimbabwean citizens and businesses. They are illegal, unjustified and should be removed unconditionally,” he said.

“Zimbabwe is a sovereign country with capacity to chat its own destiny without the slave trade enslavement through punitive sanctions perpetrated by rogue ‘big brother’ international players.”

He said sanctions no longer affected Zimbabwe alone but the whole of SADC.

“Zimbabwe is friends to all and enemy to none. To the people of Zimbabwe, I say let us rally together with our President and fight for the removal of the sanctions,” Mutashu said.

He added: “Zimbabwe should deploy sanctions busting strategies and increase social, economic and political corporation with friendly countries. Let us fight for the removal of these sanctions so that our country can move forward economically.”

Zimbabwe has been under economic sanctions for the past two decades but government has come up with a raft of measures and policies to cushion the citizenry against the illegal embargo while the SADC region has amplified the anti-sanctions campaign by declaring the 25th of October as SADC Anti-Sanctions Day.

Several stakeholders and individuals have been calling for the removal of sanctions aimed at crippling the Zimbabwean sanctions.

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