Sanctions: Young young people speak out

22 Oct, 2021 - 10:10 0 Views
Sanctions: Young young people speak out


Darlington Gatsi, H-Metro Reporter
Students activists have expressed disgruntlement over the illegal imposition of economic sanctions on the country saying they were hurting people.
Zimbabwe has been under economic sanctions from the West for long and the month of October has been set aside by the regional bloc to call for the removal of sanctions.

Zimbabwe Congress of Students Union Secretary General Kudzai Nyoka said the economic sanctions against Zimbabwe negatively impacted the future of young people.

“Being students from institutions of higher education in Zimbabwe, it was our hope that the skills and education we acquire directly translate to us having autonomous and successful lives but now it’s evident that with the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe the prospect of it all is quite bleak,” said Nyoka.

Nyoka also added that the illegal embargo has led to the brain drain of young people who are moving to other countries.

“Our government has been trying to enhance the quality of education and to expand its higher education system, but sanctions have positioned our institutions in global isolation.

“In response to such pressures, many students in turn leave to become cheap labour in other countries, pointing to a drain of the highly educated annually. The International Monetary Fund even stated that such an outflow of highly educated individuals is a phenomenon that we cannot ignore as it has great negative bearing on an economy.

“We don’t expect anything from this except the unconditional removal of the heinous and illegal sanctions and respect the call issued by the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, for a global ceasefire,” he added.

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