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SANGOMA BUYS MHERE CD FOR US$2K Gogo Chihoro and Mathias Mhere


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HARARE sangoma and philanthropist, Gogo Chihoro, has a soft spot for Mathias Mhere.

She opened up on the sidelines of the gospel singer’s album launch on Wednesday at Rainbow Towers where she bought his CD for US$2000.

Gogo Chihoro paid US$1000 cash for Mhere’s latest album, titled Thanksgiving and advised his camp to collect the balance before the weekend.

“I have known Mhere for the past three-or-so years since he is the one mentoring my son called Gidza Boy, who is doing Zim dancehall.

“My son is still in primary school but, for him to pursue music, it was Mhere, who has been teaching him the ropes and how it is done.

“When he invited me to come here, it was an honour for me because he showed me true love,” she said.

Despite being a firm believer of African Traditional Religion (ATR), Gogo Chihoro – real name Memory Madamburi – said there was nothing wrong with her getting along with Christians.

“I have realised God is only one, even though our religions might not be the same.

“Like I said earlier on, I met Mhere through music, I now take him as part of our family.

“He has done something huge for my son and you never know how it will end.

“Maybe, it was Mhere who was sent by God, or his ancestors, to come and mentor my son and I am just grateful, like any other mother,” she said.

Besides her philanthropic work, where she feeds the less-privileged kids, the unassuming sangoma said she was helping people the traditional way.

“I can attend to people with different ailments which have been troubling them for years like mental problems, evil spirits, bad luck among other problems.

“This is my calling and I am not ashamed of that because that’s the calling I got from my ancestors.

“I don’t discriminate against people since my calling requires me to assist people who need healing,” she added.

Meanwhile, Mhere struck gold in pledges when his CD was auctioned.

His longtime benefactors, known as the Mudiwas, forked out US$3000, which came as a pledge, while Steal Panther purchased a copy for US$2000.

Steal Panther’s wife got the copy for US$500.

Not to be outdone was Eat & Lick, who got the CD for US$1000.

4May, known for dressing celebrities, gave Mhere three suits plus US$2000.

Socialite and businessman, Boss Priston, forked US$500 cash for the CD while Bosslady Wholesalers got it for US$2000.

Fashionista Mimmie Mbinga got her copy for US$500 with a top prophet paying US$500 for the same copy.

It was a fun-filled night which saw guests, who packed the Jacaranda Room, being entertained by both seasoned and new artists.

Mutare-based gospel diva-of-the-moment, Dorcas Moyo, who is now moving around with a beefy bouncer, performed at the event.

Baba Machanic Manyeruke, who was both guest speaker and performer, gave Mhere wise counsel.

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