Sanyangore defends TB Joshua

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Sanyangore defends TB Joshua Pastor Paul Sanyangore


14 November 2016

Pastor Sanyangore

Pastor Sanyangore

MIRACLE pastor Paul Sanyangore has come to the defence of Nigerian televangelist TB Joshua who is under fire following what has been termed false United States of America presidential election prophecy.

TB Joshua, in a circulating video on social media said he saw a woman winning the US election but it turned out to be a man, Donald Trump who won the election.

This has seen the preacher being subject to criticism, and labelled a false prophet.

He said people should not rush to dismiss TB Joshua’s prophecy as there are always two ways in the spiritual realm.

Sanyangore, in a sermon at his Victory World International Church, cited Biblical verses to justify his defence of TB Joshua, saying there is a spirit of displacement.

TB Joshua

TB Joshua

“There is what is called a spirit of displacement and that is what happened. In the spirit it is Hillary Clinton but physically it is Trump. This means USA and Clinton have been spiritually displaced,” he said.

“This spirit means something is seen in the spirit but in the physical realm it will be otherwise not that it is a lie but a lot of things contribute to that conclusion,” he said.

Sanyangore said a ‘true man of God’ in the person of TB Joshua does not give false prophecies, urging people to check his track record.

“That one is a true man of God and his track record can prove. How many prophecies has he made and all coming to pass? Then because of this one, you call him a false prophet? No,” he said.

“Look at what is happening now? Chaos is reigning supreme in USA, people protesting, isn’t that the sign of a boat being rocked?” he queried.

Sanyangore added, “It happened in the Bible, the book of Samuel. In the spirit, Samuel saw David being the king but in the physical realm, Saul was still the king. People can read (I Samuel 10).

“It went for some, David serving in the house of Saul but in the spirit he was the king of Israel but physically it was Saul. Can we say Samuel lied?” he said.

“David is anointed but does not have the position yet. Saul is not anointed and has the position, that is the displacement, in the spirit David is the king,” he said.

Sanyangore added, “In the book of Genesis Adam is married but in the physical he was not yet married, can we say the bible lied? People should read the book of Genesis 1 v 27 and Genesis 2 v 18 and come to a conclusion,” he said.

“How many times are people being told that they are going to drive or get a white wedding but it will not come to pass, can we say the prophet has lied?

“Kubva kana zvakadaro maporofita nevaparidzi vese varikunyepera vanhu. In the spirit, the prophet is seeing you driving or getting married but panyama hauna licence so you cannot drive. Mumweya muchato uripo but panyama hausikugeza, saka unoroorwa sei?” said the preacher.

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