Sanyangore opens school

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Sanyangore opens school


 H-Metro Reporter

Controversial preacher, Paul Sanyangore, has reportedly opened a school in the city of Semaranga in Indonesia.

The school, which has been named Elnorah School of Lite Private Limited, accommodates primary to secondary school pupils and will be expanded to a university soon and will enrol medical students as well.

Despite having faced criticism back home, the Zimbabwean clergyman has charmed the Indonesian populace.

“Despite not being available home, internationally we doing great things.

“I am showing maturity and going to the next level.

“This level is lacking in many pastors of today and I have gone an extra mile in expanding the ministry through academic institution.

“We did the ground breaking ceremony in October last year and this year we have enrolled more than 400 pupils.

“We are also working with different experts into this initiative and we are also finalising the documentation,” he said.

Pastor Sanyangore who has made himself unavailable after facing a ‘rejection’ by his own people, said this is a big project.

“This initiative is a package because we are going to offer scholarships to students across the globe but preferably from back home.

“There will be also opportunities for theology where pastors from different countries will be welcomed for seminars.

“The pastors will get teachings about the bible and God under the Enorah Seminar.

“It will be conducted every year,” he said.

Sanyangore also said they have since launched Lite TV which will be available on Now TV.

“Lite TV was recently launched early this October at a colourful event graced by Minister of Energy Fortune Chasi.

“Also present were investors from Indonesia and China,” he said.

Locally Sanyangore has faced a backlash but however, that has not prevented him from charming the Indonesia populace.




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