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10 February 2017

Pastor Sanyangore

Pastor Sanyangore

CONTROVERSIAL pastor Paul Sanyangore said he is just a messenger of the things he does saying this year will be more.

The preacher who is known for many controversial miracles says a lot happens in the spiritual realm which will be difficult for people to comprehend physically.

The preacher has been involved in a number of miracles that left tongues wagging among them walking on water, pictures with angels and having congregants drink sewage among others.

He said it is not his will that such things happen, saying he is just a messenger and despite acting against his will, he has to fulfill.

“I have been cursed, called names, labelled all sorts things and it hurts and I got to a time that I said I should quit. However, it is not my will, I was sent to do such things. Chero ndisingade, I just have to do it.

“If I had a choice I would have quit. I have a family and how would they feel going around and hearing my name being cursed? However, I’m happy that some people draw positives from the works of my ministry. Many people have been healed and that encourages me to keep on with the ministry,” he said.

He said he had been shown a vision and said 2017 it will be more.

“What you see is just a tip of an iceberg than what happens behind the scenes. People are not ready to comprehend some of the things that God unveils to me.

“Those things you see are the ones God sees fit for people to comprehend. What happens in the spiritual realm is much more for the ordinary people. I have been given a vision and you will witness a lot,” he said.

Sanyangore said it is unfortunate that the miracles are misinterpreted by the people especially on social media.



“These of social media are now dangerous. Social media is good but it has brought along harm. Some of the things are amplified, exaggerated and in short distorted. After the incident with angels, the next thing I heard was people saying I had gone to heaven and had selfies with the angels. Where and when did I say that? It is just some mischievous people meant to tarnish what would have been said.

“The condom issue is again an example of things being blown out of proportion, people putting words in my mouth, through social media,” he said.

The preacher said some distortions have led him to have plans to open a television channel.

“We will be having a television channel this year and plans are currently underway. I think this will be easier for people to see exactly what would have transpired. I will not be laboured into explaining some of those things, people will just refer to the television for the full version. The work is in progress and we will announce soon,” he said.

His base Kingstons House has become popular with people.

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