Sanyangore speaks on miracle

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Sanyangore speaks on miracle Pastor Sanyangore and wife on radio


18 March 2016

Sanyangore and wife on radio

Sanyangore and wife on radio

VICTORY World International Ministries Church leader Pastor Paul Sanyangore, who has made headlines for

claiming to have walked on water, insists he performed the miracle.

Sanyangore insists he walked on water and when asked on the relevance of the miracle, he said the video and

pictures were never meant for public consumption.

Sanyangore was speaking on Star FM yesterday with Phatisani and KVG being assisted by H-Metro Deputy Editor

Charles Mushinga.

“That incident happened about four weeks ago and it has been a secret to us. I never wanted it to be public because

I know people are not ready for such things.

“They will always talk. We were at my place celebrating the church’s anniversary and my team was having fun

time, playing in the pool. Vaitondiseka kuti I can’t swim and I made a few steps into the pool.

“One of my guys however took the video and pictures and began circulating them and I have since fired him from

my media team. If you can remember, I never came to you with the story,” he said.

He says there are a lot of supernatural things that happen in his life, some of which are hard to explain.

Sanyangore said he does not buy bread and at times wakes up with a hair cut, adding that more miracles are on their way.

“There are a lot of things that happen in my life. Ndofuma pamubhedha pakazara bvudzi, ndakagerwa. I also don’t

remember the last time I bought bread at my house.

“At times I buy bread just as cover up to people who will be there. It will be difficult to explain,” he said.

“We should all be thankful as a country that the people we regard as celebrities are men of God unlike in other

countries where they hero worship vanhu vanofamba vasina kupfeka. God has shown me that more things will

come, more miracles,” he said.

He said he felt a happiness that he has never felt before whilst walking on water. He said if God allows, he would

love to walk on the water again.

“Ever since the day I walked on the water, I felt excited and I would love to do it again. Ndakatodedera, right now

my parents are at my place helping me to calm down. Even when I’m bathing I feel I can walk through the walls.

Ndotonodhumira pamadziro,” he said.

The preacher said miracles do not prove that one is a true man of God but preaching the word of Christ. He said the

miracles are done to boost faith.

“Miracles are not a sign that one is a man of God but preaching the word of the death and resurrection of Christ.

Elijah did the oil miracle to the woman but she said to him you are a man of God after he resurrected her son,” he


Following his walking on water, Sanyangore said a lot of people have flooded his place, wanting to get into the

swimming pool.

He said some have been manifesting in the pool.

“Right now a lot of people are coming to my place. They want the water and some are getting into the pool I walked

in and are manifesting,” he said.

The preacher is on record having done miracles at his church at the Kingstons House in the capital some of which

have left many talking.

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