Sarah Dee calls for unity among female artists

Maria Chiguvari

TO celebrate her 40th birthday, Sarah Dee is calling women in music to join hands and make her dream for an All-Female Artists Awards come true.

The awards ceremony will be held on November 25, the same day she will be celebrating her birthday.

She said women have raw talent but lack exposure.

“Female artists need to be identified and rewarded for their works without any favour involved.

“We have real talent, which lacks exposure and visibility, hence it leads to hunger and poverty,” she said.

She vowed to use her influence to fight in the female artists’ corner as most of them are victims of abuse.

“Abuse makes other females not to be visible because kana ukaramba hawubatsirwe chinhu, they ignore you,” she said. 

“Ideas are stolen by those with names too.

“Female dancers and backing vocalists need to be identified too. 

“They built those big brands but they are forgotten.

“We have real talent out there but fairness isn’t there in our female territory. 

“If you don’t give what is wanted you can be ignored for good, ask me.”

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