Saruchera defends ‘back biting’

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Saruchera defends ‘back biting’ Nesbert Saruchera


17 July 2017

Nesbert Saruchera

ZIMBABWE Soccer Coaches Union vice chairman, Nesbert ‘Yabo’ Saruchera, says there is no problem in coaches submitting job applications during a colleague’s tenure.

Saruchera made remarks following David Kutyauripo’s claims that most coaches in the country are sabotaging colleagues.

Kutyauripo alleges that newly appointed Mufakose United coach Tendai Chapfika was responsible for his dismissal last week.

“The issue hasn’t reached our office but I think it’s normal if owners of clubs invite CVs,” Saruchera told H-Metro.

“When things are not moving well and if clubs invite applications there is nothing wrong. Whats bad is when a sitting (unemployed) coach go and back bite someone that is not good at all.”

There have been cases reported at most NRSL clubs.

Saruchera, who is also coach of Cranborne Bullets in the Northern Region Soccer League, has been at the forefront of advocating for coaches rights within the region.

“I am more worried about coaches who don’t have contracts and those that sign without knowing terms of their contracts then tomorrow it becomes a problem. It’s something we need to discuss as coaches,” he said.

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