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Trust Khosa, Assistant News Editor

CONSISTENT mbira princess Sasha “Amadhuve” Lishomwa says she fears being easily forgotten if she starves the market of new stuff.

Not only is she afraid of losing relevance, the mother of two – who passed through the great tutelage of the late mbira artiste Edna “Mbuya Madhuve” Chizema – believes old and new fans deserve quality music all the time.

She poured her heart to H-Metro Entertainment & Lifestyle ahead of the release of her first ever video titled Machinda this Saturday.


Despite taking over the reins from Mbuya Madhuve with majesty years back, Sasha has not been investing in visuals due to economic challenges.

However, she decided to depart from the norm and invest in videos with the assistance of her new financier and promoter, Nyasha “Machembere” Dope.


“I will be releasing my first video titled Machinda this Saturday on my social media handles and Bira Remadzisahwira Facebook page.

“The song, which was recorded last year, has been embraced by many but people have been asking for visuals since it appeals to the current situation that we are in.


“We are living in trying times of poverty, Covid-19 pandemic, war, famine, vice and immorality where we are appealing to God to help us.


“This song captures all these and other challenges so we hope that fans will enjoy the visuals,” she said.


Sasha who has been on the forefront promoting cultural and national events especially the Culture Week and Mbuya Nehand sculptor unveiling, added:


“As an artiste whose stuff is on demand, I am also under pressure to deliver new stuff and that is why I have been spending much of my time in the studio.


“I’m done with the 2021 album titled Mutsindo and the video of Machinda is just a precursor to the new album, which was recorded at KOM studios by Oscar Chamba and Knowledge Nkoma.


“We will only release it monitoring the situation but if the pandemic continues, we will work on releasing it online,” she said.


Asked how much they spent on the forth-coming video, Sasha added:


“Well, we can’t reveal the total costs of the video as of now for professional reasons but we can assure fans that is of superior quality.


“We shot the video in Harare at Panyoka Hideout and Mauya Resort, some of the beautiful sites that we have in the capital.


“We were also surprised that we tend overlook some of the places we have in our communities yet they are really beautiful.”


Despite her spending much of her time in the studio doing music, she said she was not spared from the effects of Covid-19.


“To be honest our sector has been affected but we can’t afford to starve fans of new stuff because life still goes on.


“There are some artistes who are making a killing and good music at a time when most of us are sneezing.


“I have realised that we need to embrace the new normal and I am grateful to my sponsor Nyasha Machembere Dope who has been assisting us.


“Machembere has been encouraging me to record and continue working hard to remain relevant,” she said.

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