Saul Chaminuka: We have a striker crisis

Curtworth Masango

Black Rhinos coach Saul Chaminuka believes they are struggling to utilise chances in front of goal which has contributed to their poor outing in the Castle Lager Premier Soccer League this season.

He believes the approach to junior football should be of a concern if the striker crisis in the country is going to change.

With four rounds of matches remaining, the top goalscorer Obriel Chirinda has just 11 goals.

The army side is second bottom placed with 29 points.

Chaminuka, who was speaking after the goalless draw against Dynamos at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday, still believes they can survive relegation maybe on the last day,

“A lot of work needs to be done in developing players and you will find out that the problem we have as coaches in our game is that we don’t have coverage as we did today. If we had coverage everyday it was possible to sit down with players and point at things they need to improve. And when they see themselves on TV on things they need to improve and say this is me and it was I needed to do.

”At development levels we don’t have the kit and its where it is supposed to be done. When every player is with the ball he thinks of shooting but the question is how many balls do we have in the country for the junior players

“Sometimes a coach goes to the training ground and there are only two balls and he is training over 30 players. If you look at the time the player has with the ball maybe in an hour is just two minutes. And two minutes can hardly develop a player.

Chaminuka believes Rhinos will find a way to survive relegation and feels as a team they will make history.

“We are playing well in terms of creating chances but it’s the issue of burying those chances that is remaining a problem and we can count more than 10 games that we dominated but we came out empty handed and you come out and say is this bad lucky or what? But its fine that is football.

“If we are surviving, that will be on the last day and that is still very possible and we would have made history to stay at the bottom for the bulk of the season and survive on the last day. But I still hope we can still do it if you look at the way we are playing. I am hoping we will score many goals.

“The team is defending and playing well and we now need God to be on our side.”

Chaminuka believes the referees have tried to handle games to their best of ability since he came back to lead Rhinos.

“Since I arrived these are the referees that were handling our games in a way that allowed both teams to play. I want to say I am actually happy with the way they handled the game.”


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