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Arron Nyamayaro, H-Metro Reporter

A FOOD vendor is alleged to have been scalded by her friend for demanding her debt in front of other clients in Tafara.

Clara Garawaziva sustained burns on her neck and below the breasts and on her back after Shadiner Kufarunesu failed to swallow the humiliation before people who were queuing for Sadza when she was confronted over a RTGS 17 debt.

Clara told H-Metro that Shadiner failed to make an apology or contribute any medical expenses she suffered following the incident.

“I regret helping Shediner when she approached me for help unaware that she would leave me in such pain,” said Clara.

“Our friendship ended because of a small amount of money I expected Shedinar to have paid on time since she knew that in my business we count on volumes to make profit.

“I realised it later that she was offended by being asked for money in front of my clients.

“She paid by scalding me instead of settling the debt and this is emotionally affecting me daily considering that she never thought of apologising.

“I was forced to lodge a police report against her in order to get medical attention but she went on to add salt on wound by denying what she did and went on to take advantage of her connections with law enforcement agents.

“What I want from her is an apology and to tell the truth other than attacking me in such a way that it continues to psychologically affect my emotions,” said Clara.

Contacted for comment, Shadiner confirmed the incident refusing to give her side of the story.

“What I can only say is that we had a misunderstanding with Clara and I have nothing more to comment,” said Shadiner before hanging the phone.




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