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26 June 2018


Parents shut down school

. . .amid Satanism, corruption claims

SUNNINGDALE 2 Primary School was yesterday shut down by parents who raised Satanism allegations at the learning institution.

Parents and guardians also demonstrated against corruption which they said was rampant at the school.

They woke up early and blocked pupils from entering school premises demanding school authorities to address Satanism reports and corruption allegations.

An attempt by education provincial director a Mrs Maposa to address the parents hit a brick wall after she confessed that she had not received the parents’ grievances in writing sent to the education ministry. Parents could not allow her to continue as she was not in the know of their grievances.

“We no longer want the deputy headmistress Laina Murahwa because she is the one who denied the school general hands a chance to kill a snake believed to be causing pupils to fall during lessons,” said one of the disgruntled parents.

The Deputy headmistress denied the allegations after Maposa gave her permission to respond to H-Metro questions saying the allegations were baseless.

Parents said they expected school authorities to engage wildlife authorities to remove the snake but no action had been taken three years later.

“Pane mwana akadonha last Thursday akafa, gore rega rega panofa mwana we Grade seven and from our minutes sent to the ministry we raised the issue and no action was taken.

“A needle was seen pinned on one of the pupils’ chair with name written on paper and the deputy headmistress brushed it off.

“Some needles are seen in meals prepared at the school to feed children. We are not against the feeding programme for school children but we want the ministry to protect our children and save lives.

“We are not going to allow our children to attend lessons today if they fail to address this Satanism issue and also be addressed on why our grievances for the past four weeks are not addressed; that includes corruption.

“Vanombonyanyotyisa chii deputy headmistress ava, hatichavada varikuparadza mari yechikoro vachishandisa chisimba,” said one parent as others shouted in agreement.

Murahwa dismissed the claims.

“It is true that children are falling down at the school premises from time to time but I do not know the reason and I am not into Satanism as alleged,” said Murahwa.

“As for corruption allegations, I never misused any dollar and I work hand in hand with the school development committee chosen by parents.

“The other issues they want me to address can only be addressed by the provincial director who they refused to give a chance to address,” said Murahwa.

Maposa told H-Metro that she was still to receive a report from the parents and was denied the chance to address parents by some of the disgruntled parents.

“I never received a report from Sunningdale Primary School authorities and some of the parents rose against me when I wanted to address them.

“School authorities will brief me about the situation and I promise parents that their issues will be addressed and urge them to allow lessons to go ahead so that they do not affect their children from attending lessons,” said Maposa.

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