Arron Nyamayaro

A FAMILY row involving the director of a school and her nephews has spilled into court.

Dr Maned by their late father Gande Mafunga.

The property was later changed into the name of William Mafunga, sometime in 2001.

In their application to the High Court, the three sisters claim that the estate of their late father (Gande

Mafunga) was fraudulently registered by their now late brother, William, who went on to transfer Stand 7082

Tafara Township into his name.

They want to know how the transfer was done.

TWO of the three siblings summoned to court

They are also seeking clarity on whether the estate of the late Gande was properly registered.

The three siblings received letters for a High Court hearing, which is expected to be heard, today.

Dr Mafunga, of Quality Junior School, recently dragged Takunda and Lincoln to court through a tenant who is claiming they damaged the Tafara family house.

The case was dropped and the tenant warned about lodging a police report against the accused when she was not the owner of the property.

Dr Mafunga even bragged that she owns a better house with a basement and would not fight for a Tafara house where she grew up.

“Handiti watadza kunyatsondinzwa pawandifonera?

“Ndangandichitobva mu basement yemba yangu yakanaka kwete zvekurwira imba yekuTafara

kwandakakurira,” Dr Mafunga said when contacted for comment.

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