Gamuchirai Bhachi

THIS time, the spectacular fallout over a house between a school director and her twin nephews, has moved to the Harare Civil Court.

And, Maria Mafunga, the director of Quality Junior School, and her two sisters, have been granted a peace order against twin nephews – Takunda and Lionel Mafunga.

They duo is accused of insulting their aunts and claiming ownership of a house left by their late father in Mabvuku. 

The twins argue that the house belongs to them and that they were chased away by their aunties.

Maria, Memory and Shirley Mafunga told the court that Takunda and Lionel Mafunga (24) were breaching their peace by calling and insulting them.

“They are our late brother’s sons but these boys claimed that they are now the owners of the house in Mabvuku that was left by our late father.

“They called to insult me. 

“I do not want them to approach that house,” said Maria.

Memory added:

“The twins do not want anyone at the house because they are violent. 

“At one time, they assaulted their elder brother and he sustained serious injuries.

“We have a court order that bars these boys from approaching our late father’s house.”

In response to the allegations, the twins said that the house belongs to their late father.

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira ruled in favour of Mafunga and her two sisters and granted them a peace order.

She barred the twins from calling or approaching the house and from insulting their aunts.

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