Arron Nyamayaro

A FAMILY row involving the director of a school and her late brother’s twin sons has sucked in the Mabvuku community.

Dr Maria Mafunga is a director at Quality Junior School and has had a fallout with her nephews – Takunda and Lincoln Mafunga.

Takunda and Lincoln Mafunga

A married tenant has also been sucked into the row.

The family’s fallout started when Dr Mafunga’s brother died and tried to force the twins to leave the family house. One of the tenants lodged a police report against the twins accusing them of destroying the precast wall at the house.

Takunda and Lincoln were arrested and detained at Mabvuku Police Station.

The matter was dropped.

The Mabvuku Community have stood with the twins.

“We strongly condemn Dr Mafunga for fighting her late brother’s children here in Mabvuku when she has a house in Mt Pleasant,” said one resident.

“Vana ava anodakuti vagare kupi?”

A number of Mabvuku residents also spoke in support of the twins.

Contacted for comment, Dr Mafunga confirmed her differences with the twins but said it was a family issue which had nothing to do with the media.

“This is a family issue and has nothing to do with the press,” said Dr Mafunga.

“Pandatadza kunzwanana newe pafoni ndangandichibva mu basement meimba yangu saka handingaswere kunetsana nezveimba yekuTafara kwandakakurira.

“Whoever gave you the story let him or her give you all the details or better go to Mabvuku Police and be given the facts about it.”

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