School Uniforms: Price versus quality

14 Jan, 2020 - 10:01 0 Views
School Uniforms: Price versus quality


Lisa Mandewo, H-Metro Reporter

PARENTS and guardians yesterday ‘flooded’ the Central Business District to do last minute “back to school” shopping.

Most of the shopping was being done clandestinely in streets corners outside retail shops.

A survey conducted by H-Metro showed that most parents and guardians preferred buying school uniforms on the streets than in shops such as Enbee, Nagaj and Bays School Wear due to the differences in prices.

Alice Karimanzira, a parent who was buying school uniforms for her two primary school children, said uniforms were cheaper on the streets as compared to shops.

“Uniforms are expensive, even panze pano arikudhura but it’s actually better pane kutenga muEnbee because the difference is too huge so we better buy panze pano zvitori a bit cheaper.

“If we calculate how much we are paying panze nemunhu atenga mu Enbee unotoona kuti mari yacho yakawandisa yemu shop. For example ma socks are going for $30 outside than in the shop where they are going for $44.

“The difference of 14 bond can be used for other things like buying pens,” she added.

Another parent interviewed by H-Metro said vendors accepted various modes of payment whereas shops have limited modes of payment.

“The advantage of buying from vendors is that you can even use foreign currency unlike in other shops yet it’s cheaper kutenga ne forex kune vanhu vakaita sesu vanowana forex kudarika local currency,” he said.

Maria Murwi, a guardian who was buying school uniforms for her niece, said quality of school uniforms material is no longer an issue to worry about in this time of economic challenges.

“Quality hatichamboifunge because zve quality hazvienderani nemari dzatiri kutambira nowadays.

“As such, it’s better for us to buy cheaper things so that the child goes to school with enough things rather than buying one uniform only because you want quality things, we are no longer in that era zvinhu zvakaoma,” she said.

However, there were other parents who were buying school uniforms from shops such as Enbee due to certain circumstances.

“I would really love to buy uniforms outside where everything is cheaper but the problem is my child’s school only accepts uniforms from Enbee and there is nothing I can do about it but honestly uniforms are expensive in here,” said Tabeth Moyo who was buying uniforms for her daughter.

Another parent interviewed by H-Metro said it was actually her choice to buy uniforms in Nagaj as she is more concerned about quality.

“As for me, I value my money and I know that if I buy these uniforms handichatenge futi even next term. Dzepanze dzakachipa asi hadzina kusimba so at the end of the day unotoona kuti mu Nagaj muri nani,” she said.

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