Arron Nyamayaro in MUREHWA

A SCHOOL in Murehwa is yet to open for the second term amid disturbances, which are being linked to Satanism, which has left students and teachers in a quandary.

School authorities have hired a Chitungwiza sangoma to “exorcise the ghost” and they told H-Metro they now expected to open for the second term today.

The sangoma, known as Mbuya Nacholo, has been camped at the school for three days.

She has been spending the days in classrooms claiming that she is cleansing Muchinjike Primary School, which has an enrolment of 700 pupils.

This has deeply divided the teaching staff.

The deputy headmaster, Florence Gavajena, refused to back the plan to hire the sangoma.

Her husband, Samuel Ndarera, and an unidentified senior teacher were also against the hiring of the sangoma.

The local community, through the School Development Committee, hired Gogo Nacholo and this sparked protests from other villagers, who were against the move.


H-Metro was advised that some district education officials were also against the move to hire the sangoma.

Gogo Nacholo’s real name is Rita Ruwa.

The cost of hiring her services has been passed on to the parents who were charged US$40 each.

SDC secretary, Priscilla Marutawana, told H-Metro that several parents, whose children are pupils at the school, forced the committee to engage the sangoma.

“Reports of a Satanism scare started some time in November last year at this school,” said Marutawana.

Vana vaingodonha donha, vachirotomoka, vachidoma mazita evamwe vevarairidzi.

“We tried to ignore it but we were later convinced following an accident that left some local social soccer players injured.

“One of the villagers, believed to have been initiated into satanism, escaped unhurt from the accident and people began to suspect that something was wrong.”

She added:

“We engaged Gogo Nacholo at a fee and one of the teachers fought us through her legal practitioner.

“The headmaster was fined three beasts by a traditional leader for accusing the teacher of witchcraft.

“That did not stop us from allowing the sangoma to cleanse the school.

Priscilla Marutawana

“She cleansed all the classes and we have communicated with kraal heads, as well as the ward councillor, to inform parents to bring their children for lessons tomorrow (today).

“We cannot fold our hands and watch our children being initiated into satanism, no, such teachers have no place here.”

Gogo Nacholo confirmed conducting the cleansing ceremony.

She said she knew the school headmaster, Daniel Mudzamiri, before this incident after her to help him deal with an issue involving his daughter.

“First to consult me was the school headmaster, who visited my shrine at Stoneridge Park, sometime last year, when his daughter was attacked by satanism.

“I helped him and his daughter got well and I want to believe that he is the one who introduced the SDC to me for the cleansing ceremony.

Vakandisumudza ndikaita basa vakazondipa nickname yekuti combine harvester.

“I never pinpointed any teacher of practicing witchcraft but some unceremoniously left the school after I started my cleansing,” said Gogo Nacholo. 

Two vehicles and a house have been destroyed by a student who the community claims was possessed by the satanic spirit.

Trust Mukonorwi (19) the son of one of Muchinjike Primary School teachers, went berserk, armed with a hammer, and shattered all the glasses of two vehicles and windowpanes of a house belonging to Samuel Ndarera.

Samuel lodged a police report against Trust, but police officers who responded were outnumbered by villagers who stood by Trust.

Trust even threatened the two police officers.

Haaa pakaita batawabata, Trust achipaza magirazi emba ose neemota mbiri dzaSamuel nemudzimai wake.

“To be honest, Samuel Ndarera has been at the school for over 30 years, he is a hard worker and his name should not be dragged into these stories simply because he appears to be doing well,” said one of the parents.

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