Mathew Masinge

GOVERNMENT has barred schools from conducting lessons for examination classes for Grade 7, O’ and A’ Level during the forthcoming

The schools have also been barred from conducting lessons for non-examination classes.

This was revealed in a statement released by the Permanent Secretary for Primary and Secondary Education Moses Mhike.

This followed a request from a number of schools which had planned to conduct holiday classes.

Government noted that pupils needed the holiday break to rest and engage in independent learning, where need be, including utilisation of the Zimbabwe Learning Passport, among other alternative learning strategies.

“Having consulted widely on the matter and taking cognisant of the fact that the school term had no disturbances at all to the teaching and learning programme, therefore, authority is NOT GRANTED that schools facilitate a Vacation School during the April school holidays for the Grade 7, Ordinary and Advanced level candidates, as well as for the non-examination classes,” read the statement.

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