Schools in arts drug awareness competition

Nyasha Kada

Zimbabwe Arts and Innovation Concept (ZimArts) is set to host Schools Performing Arts competition this Saturday.

Twelve schools are set to participate at the event, with six being primary and the other being secondary level.

The event running under the theme, “Fighting Drug and Substance Abuse through Music and Arts”
will be held at Philadelphia Junior School in Borrowdale.

“We are going to be hosting a Performing Arts Competition on the 30th of September (this Saturday.

” We all know, drug and substance abuse has become a significant concern in our society.

“It is affecting individuals, families, and communities in numerous ways.

“The primary objective of this event is to raise awareness about the harmful effects of drug and substance abuse and promote a healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

” By using music and arts as a medium, we hope to engage our audience and deliver a powerful message that resonates with everyone, ” said one of the organisers, Coach Shelton Janga.

The competition will allow participants to showcase their talents in various categories such as Music (choir, cover, contemporary, creative or traditional, Dance ( traditional, contemporary or creative), Theater (drama and poetry), Mbira and marimba.

“We are going to have students to participate and express themselves through their chosen art forms.

“Registration will take place at the venue for a fee on the day.

“The event will also feature guest speakers who will share their personal experiences and expertise in the field of substance abuse prevention and recovery.

” They will provide valuable insights and advice on how we can combat this issue effectively.

“Let’s come together and use our creative abilities to make a difference in our community.

“Together, through music and arts, we can fight against drug and substance abuse, “he said.

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