Scramble for market stalls

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Scramble for market stalls


8 August 2018

Following the removal of vendors in the Central Business District, there is a high demand for market stalls at Glen View Area 8 Complex.

The developments have also seen different individuals being swindled of their money by conmen who are selling one stand to different people.

John Mugabe, one of the stallholders at the complex, said he was surprised when he discovered that his stand had been sold.

“It is sad that there are people who are robbing traders of their money taking advantage of people who are looking for space to conduct their business.

“As you might know, since last week vendors were being removed in the central business district, so they have been coming here seeking places to conduct their businesses.

“Those who are coming are mainly caterers as well as those selling fabrics and most of them are being robbed of their money by criminals who don’t even own stands here.

“I was surprised when a certain lady came to my stand saying that she had paid her rent and she had come to conduct her on my stand.

“It was unfortunate that I couldn’t accommodate her and she was also not in a position to locate people whom she had paid the money.

“She is not the only one, it is happening to a lot of people and some of them have even lodged complaints with the police,” he said.

Mugabe said the reason why such things are happening is because there is no leadership that is running the complex.

“In my own personal view, I think we are not properly organised here because we don’t have leadership which is looking into our affairs.

“At one time, a group of us had proposed to others to elect a chairperson who would represent us but the idea was abandoned.

“These criminals who are robbing people of their money are the same people who are also stealing our products at night,” he said.

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