SDA’s Redeemed Family celebrates Africa Day with album

25 May, 2023 - 14:05 0 Views
SDA’s Redeemed Family celebrates Africa Day with album


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Rising Seventh Day Adventist musical group, “The Redeemed Family” is celebrating Africa Day with a 10 track album dubbed Chishuwo Chemoyo.

The album will be launched on Saturday May 27, in Harare.


One of the group members Alicia Matopedzvene said their third album was inspired by the spirit of true African cultures.


“In this album you will find a lot of Afrocentric songs that represent Africa in the gospel, we have come to an understanding that Jesus also loves Africans.


“This is the main theme on this album,” said Matopedzvene.


“Often times a number of gospel musicians and groups sing songs that portray the gospel as a Western culture, hence our thrust on this project is to bring it closer to home through music.

“Music is a very powerful tool and we are optimistic that we will achieve our goal, we are Africans and we should be proud of our cultures in all aspects.”

Matopedzvene said the songs on the album talks about the second coming of Jesus Christ, the love of God but all packaged in an African manner.

“With this album we will definitely have tours around the country and if possible we will also incorporate regional tours, we have plans in the pipeline to visit Zambia, South Africa and Botswana.

“We are a non-profit making organisation, we are not in this for money but we are a ministry oriented group,” she added.

Matopedzvene however lamented that lack of financial support is their major drawback.

“As I have said, we are a non-profit making organisation but we need some resources in recording and travelling.

“We are welcome to partner anyone who is willing to work with us financially.

“We urge people to come in their numbers apart from us singing we have also invited a group from Zambia called Zither Harmony, these guys will introduce a different sound of SDA gospel music and I know people will love it,” she said.

Redeemed Family came to the limelight when they recorded their first video “Ekhaya” from their previous album Redemption story.

The 30-member group was formed in 2010 and they have three albums under their belt.

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