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18 January 2018

THE pursuit of wealth and riches has led many into get rich quickly schemes, false religion and crime. Many are going to churches and shrines because they are promised miraculous wealth that just sprouts from nowhere.

In the end they are enticed into seeding the little they have in the hope that the ‘seeds’ will germinate and give birth to abundant wealth.

Many also enter into deals and projects that just look too good to be true. When something looks too good to be true, stay away from it because it is too good to be true.

You can never plant a brick and hope it will sprout into a house like a maize seed. Life does not offer such miraculous successes.

In this life that we are living, you get what is proportional to what you would have invested.

No matter how much of a prayer warrior you are, your money will never grow on trees or multiply miraculously in your pockets.

Yesterday we published a story of Genius Kadungure who is popular for his lavish spending after he featured on Star FM’s 326 show as a guest DJ.

Whilst his bragging chants are very popular, people should also take note of the fact that his wealth did not come miraculously.

He has a well-documented story of how he started being his own boss at 17 and has risen through hard work to the stage that he is at now.

But when miraculous money props up in your vision you must suspect that something is wrong and not just fall for cheap money schemes. Chances are you will be a potential victim targeted by criminals who pounce on greedy people.

From the onset, such deals should look surreal to everyone involved. Money does not reproduce on its own.

This should be a lesson to everyone out there; get rich quickly schemes are a farce, a fallacy, a way to rob greedy people of their money and if you join, you stand to lose all the money you “invest” there.

Nothing in life comes to a person who just sits hoping what they have is multiplying somewhere, not in this economy.

Rich people work hard in life – that is their secret and it’s an open secret known to all human beings.

That is why Genius failed to give tips on how to become rich to Star FM listeners; it’s because there is nothing that he could have said that the listeners had never heard before.

It is the same song of commitment, passion for what one does, dedication even in hard times, and hard work. Anyone can preach that sermon.

Let us look at ourselves and identify our passions, find a way to commercialise these and work hard on them – that is the only way we can earn wealth.

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