Zvikomborero Parafini 

AGRISEEDS Marondera sales representative, Karen Pamela Teguru, is being accused of belonging to a cartel which was involved in a human trafficking racket in which two women were trafficked to Oman.

They were subsequently abused during their stay in that country.

Between January and August last year, Teguru, who was remanded in custody, and her accomplices, Hamidah and others believed to be in Oman, connived to traffic Portia Kales and Namatirai Muchacha for labour and domestic exploitation. 

Teguru’s role was to identify, recruit, process travelling documents and medical examinations for the complainants.

She escorted them to Robert Mugabe International Airport to ensure they boarded flights to Oman, instead of Dubai as initially promised.

The two only realised they had been duped upon arrival at Muscat International Airport in Oman.

Teguru’s accomplices in Oman funded the medical examinations, air tickets, processing of visas and secured prospective buyers in Oman.

Kales and Muchacha were received by Hamidah.

Their buyers confiscated their travelling documents and they were taken to different locations where they were forced to work as housemaids. 

The two women were subjected to domestic abuse, working round the clock and feeding on leftovers.

They were also physically abused and denied freedom of movement by being restricted indoors. 

The matter only came to light when the women reported the case to their relatives back home who in turn alerted the police. 

The women fled from their abusers and sought assistance from a Zimbabwean delegation dispatched to Oman to assist trafficked women.

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